Arbsafe's Goal

Arbsafe gives you the owner a secure platform to create and manage a private online database of all traceable assets within your company, from chainsaws to heavy plant. If it has a means of identification it can be listed, and all FREE of charge.

Updating any of your privately listed assets to a stolen status will result in the asset being made instantly available on the Arbsafe homepage for public viewing. In addition, they will also be included in the Arbsafe e-mail alerts that go out to all subscribers. The purpose of these e-mails are to alert subscribers to the possibility of thieves operating in their area, potentially giving others the opportunity to apply extra vigilance in their security.

Arbsafe aims to help combat the sale of stolen equipment by making the serial numbers of stolen equipment readily available to anyone with internet access. Possible users including buyers of second hand equipment, or even dealers wishing to check on the legitimacy of workshop repairs.

Through the use of social media, as well as traditional marketing, we aim to create mass awareness of Arbsafe. It is only through mass adoption of the Arbsafe initiative that we can make a difference within our industry. Please help us achieve this goal by sharing on your own social networks where possible.